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The theatrical version of Shoujo Kakumei Utena could only feature two duels due to time restraints, but more importantly, these duels have seem to lost their importance and the actual motivations/reason for fighting duels is rather sketchy in the movie. In any case, here are the two duels that are featured in Adolescence Mokushiroku:

Tenjou Utena vs. Saionji Kyouichi
As Utena accidentally stumbles upon the Duel Arena floating above the school, she meets Himemiya Anthy for the first time and her rather aggressive "boyfriend," Saionji Kyouichi. Saionji, as the reigning and current Victor, mistakes Utena for a boy, and sees her as a rival for the Rose Bride. He is quick to challenge her, and Utena readily accepts when she slips on the rose signet ring, which binds her as a duellist, shutting the gates to the Arena. Although a little confused and not properly armed with a sword, Utena decides to wing the duel by using a wooden broom against Saionji's katana. Utena holds her own rather well defensively at first, but it is soon discovered that she is in fact a girl, and not the boy that Saionji had mistaken her to be. As Utena finds herself in need of a new weapon, Anthy decides to intervene and pushes Utena out of the way from Saionji's attack. Doing so, she kisses her (much to Utena's surprise) and a shocking event happens: Utena's hair falls out of her usual style and she is given a new duellist uniform, while Anthy is transformed into the Rose Bride with the Sword of Dios protruding from her chest. Utena accepts the sword and she lunges toward Saionji who is attempting to finalize his victory by delivering the final blow. Instead, the final blow is served by Utena, and a shocked Saionji loses.

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Tenjou Utena vs. Arisugawa Juri
Arisugawa Juri is first introduced at the beginning of the movie as the "Prince" of Ohtori Academy. As captain of the fencing team, her skills are known to be unparalleled. In a discussion with her fellow Student Council member, Kaoru Miki, Juri reveals that she wishes to fight the duels in order to break the chains that bind her down. The chain that binds her down is the fact that she is in love with her best friend, Takatsuki Shiori, who could never return her love, and is one of the antagonists of the story. Then Shiori appears during this discussion, and shortly prompts Juri into challenging Utena. Juri readily accepts, and now Utena's second duel is against Juri.

This duel is not held in the Duel Arena, but on a bridge in the middle of Ohtori Academy for the public to see. The many students of the private academy all gather near windows and ledges to watch the duel between the "Prince" and the pink-haired Utena. Among them, Miki watches from a nearby window, with the presence of Touga behind him.

Utena starts off with a strong offensive attack, and Juri is clearly hiding her true abilities by blocking her thrusts, letting herself be pushed back. When she decides it's been enough, Juri reveals her superior skills by reversing the offense onto Utena, who is consequently pushed back against the wall with the Sword of Dios knocked out of her hand. Juri then reveals a subtle but important note about the story by mentioning Touga. This leads to a possible link between Juri and Touga, which is further explored in the truth section. The mentioning of Touga throws Utena off-balance since it catches her off-guard, angering her. Just when Juri looks like she will claim her victory, another odd event happens. This time, Utena transforms into Dios, and Anthy gasps as she sees Dios once more, however, Juri does not see Utena as Dios. As Dios, Utena wins the duel by cutting away Juri's rose. Anthy, shocked and quite shaken by the brief reappearance of Dios, runs away and Utena runs after her. As Utena runs off, Juri looks in defeat in her direction but is surprised to see the image of Dios running away.

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