Yasha here. Here's to the Wayback Machine, preserver of all that is good in this, err, internet. Standard disclaimer, none of this is mine or Gio's work, we are not responsible for any of the views or content on this site, nor do we necessarily agree with or endorse it etc ad nauseum.

This shrine vanished from the internet sometime between August and October 2007, and to my knowledge, was the most comprehensive (and prettiest) Utena shrine that ever existed. I've reproduced it here as faithfully as possible so that y'all in the present could also explore it. Many of the best SKU sites have disappeared over time; it's not fair for newer fans to miss out on so many of the resources that no longer exist.

On the flip side, many of the opinions in this shrine may not be the same as the current views we generally hold. Please remember that this shrine was last updated more than ten years ago, and things were different back then. Treat it like a museum piece, because that's basically what it is.

As for the site itself, you may run into broken links from time to time. Some of this might be missing pieces that I couldn't recover... or it might just be that I screwed up something. Either way, toss me an email to be sure, okay?

Have fun!

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