The site details are listed here, including this site's history, the tools and programs I used to create this page, copyrights/disclaimers and the like.

Site History
La fille sans un prince dates back to November 1998, when my obsession with Shoujo Kakumei Utena was blossoming. I was invited by the lovely Mara to create an Utena website, which turned into The Utena Network, with the idea of creating a series of character shrines. I volunteered to do Tenjou Utena because she is my favourite character from Utena, and so construction began in late 1998, however, due to uninspiration and my previous project, the Juri shrine, this was temporarily delayed.

The site was officially released in early 1999, with a Portishead styled layout as the premiere version. The shrine was still small and petty, even during it's second release with an uglier-than-hell pink layout which was unfortunately posted for a quite a long and static period during late 1999 to early 2000. It was not until August 2000 that the third version of La fille sans un prince made its debut, with a red "hot mamma" layout, and expanded content. In February 2001, version 4 was released, with a massive expansion in content. Now, in September 2001, I am proud to say that La fille sans un prince has further grown into the Utena shrine that it is today. Hopefully, this expansion will continue for years to come, since The Utena Network will be open till 2003! ^_^

Archived Layouts

The first version of this shrine featured a dark and drab colour scheme (well, not really colours, since it was just all grey, white and black), due to my fascination with Portishead, a trip-hop band from Britain that I heart muchly.
X No screencap was taken of the second layout because it was incredibly ugly. Pink. That's it.
I really liked this layout when I first realeased it, but the text wasn't very readable due to my dark colour scheme (burgundy, red, and black), and all the text was squished into a tiny frame. But I didn't care. I loved it, and I still do to some degree.


My favourite layout to date (excluding the current version). The problem was the sub-page designs which were rather large and caused excessive amounts of scrolling.

Unused Layouts

This layout was created for the second version of this site, but it was totally unoriginal and just plain boring.

A layout for version 3.0 of this site. The version would have been called "Pink makes me puke" since I decided to go against the grain and do a blue layout. This layout was made in one day, and although I did like it, I couldn't think of any sub-page layouts to match it. Then it got trashed, although I'm not exactly sure why I trashed it. I still like it. -_-;;

Another trashed version 3.0 of this site. I was planning on making the little images of Utena rollovers, but I never completed the layout since I think the stripes in the background were really disorienting. I really like that picture of Utena, even though she looks like she's in pain.

Tools Used for the Creation of this Site

  • Paintshop Pro 7/Photoshop 6.0 for the graphics
  • Arachnophilia and my brain for the HTML

Site Requirements

  • Preferably IE or Netscape 6
  • minimum of 800 x 600 resolutions
  • lots of pretty colours

Disclaimers and Copyrights
This site, design and all HTML content are © 1998-2001 Kristine. Please refrain from copying this site or any portion of this site without my written consent.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena © Be-Papas, Chiho Saito, Shogakukan, TV Tokyo, etc. We thank you all for creating such a fascinating heroine.

This page is part of The Utena Network, a fan-based collective of Shoujo Kakumei Utena based shrines.


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