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Two cards are listed here, one following that of the Utena tarot deck that was released, the other, the tarot card that was listed according to her birthday.

The Fool
According to the set of Shoujo Kakumei Utena themed tarot cards, Utena is represented in the tarot card known as The Fool. The Fool indicates that the subject is most likely a dreamer. This person has a great ambition to attain their dream of doing something with their life.

This card applies to Utena's personality in the sense that Utena strives to attain something that is idealized in a world where ugly truths are hidden behind a mask of beauty.

The Priestess
According to Utena's birthday, her tarot card is The Priestess. The tarot card The Priestess represents silence, intuition, mistrust, secretiveness, reserve and discretion. They are most talented in the area of art, music, or poetry. They have hidden influences over others.

This card seems to apply more to Utena's personality from the movie, since she is portrayed as a quieter, reserved and mysterious character.

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