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Utena's voice is provided by Kawakami Tomoko. Born on April 25th in Tokyo, of blood type O, she gives Utena the slightly masculine yet slightly feminine voice, a characteristic that I like since most of the characters from Shoujo Kakumei Utena are almost androgynous. Although Kawakami Tomoko is not nearly as popular or well-known as many of the other Japanese seiyuu (voice actors) that are around, here are some of her past roles:

Battle Athletes Chris Christopher
Card Captor Sakura Sasaki Rika
Fushigi Yuugi Chiriko
Nadesico Eri
Pocket Monsters Ayame

Doesn't she sorta look like Utena from the movie with her short hair? If only it were pink...

PS. I forgot where this came from, but if you recognize it as your own scan, please email me so I can credit you. ^_^

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