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Individuals born on December 29 are often bound to play a leading role in the lives around them. They are usually chosen by fate to hold responsibility, even if they have no desire to play as the boss or leader. December 29 people are not the most ambitious, but just happen to fall in at the right place at the right time. Whether or not one chooses the opportunities thrust upon them requires better understanding of their one's self and abilities according to those born on this day. They have a desire to accomplish the rightful thing but they must be aware of their personal motives before acting. A mild sense of humour and a low key but potent sense of aggression are often over looked qualities on these people.

Whether the creators intentionally chose this birth date for the character Utena or not, this descript fits her very well since she is thrust into the world of duels against her own true will. As the role of the Victor of the Duellists, she holds considerable power over Anthy and those around her, because if she is able to maintain her position as Victor, she will be the one destined to bring about the revolution, even though Utena is not quite so willing to play out the role of the Victor at first. It is her strong sense of justice that helps her decide to keep up with the role of the Victor.

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