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Any normal teenager suffers from inner turmoil as they grow up to become adults. So what is the inner conflict that torments Utena? Utena's inner conflict isn't exactly what you'd expect from your everyday average teenager, but it beingĀ Shoujo Kakumei Utena, things could never be that simple.

To become a prince or become a princess? Which should she choose? Should she live out the traditional role of a princess in a fairy tale or make her own fairy tale?

As everyone knows, Utena's goal is to set out to become a prince after her encounter with a mysterious prince that she believes saved her in the past when she was a young child. Utena has been in love with her prince since the day she met him, and is continually on a journey to not only become a prince, but to find her prince again. She wants to meet him again. Should Utena continue to search for her prince? Wouldn't she be his princess if she meets with him again? Can Utena overcome her own love for her prince and become a prince herself?

Or maybe Utena wants to show her prince that she can be a prince too...

Towards the end of the series, Utena finds herself more and more attracted to Akio, and Akio is aware of her romantic feelings for him. He then uses these feelings to manipulate Utena into his puppet, and she becomes yet another pawn in his game. Akio convinces Utena that he is her prince, and that she is his princess, but if she accepts to being his princess, how could she ever become a prince herself? Akio knows she couldn't, so he continually tries to seduce her and plays with her heart in an effort to prevent her from becoming a prince.

Utena has never come so close to becoming a prince until now in her life, but because of Akio's charms, will she throw it all away? Utena contemplates herself, and in the end realizes that her true dream is to become a prince. She wants to save Anthy, even after her betrayal. Utena, with her noble heart, has indeed become the prince that saves the princess. She has broken down all the traditional barriers of fairy tales and now the girl has become the prince. This is Utena's revolution.

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