Was Utena really the one destined to revolutionize the world? Or did Utena simply disappear without a trace? The ending of the anime series is somewhat of a cliffhanger itself since they never show Utena in the final scenes of the last episode, and whether the revolution took place or not is left up to the viewers to decide for themselves.

My personal belief is that Utena did bring the revolution to Ohtori Academy. In the last episode, episode 39, they show daily life at Ohtori Academy. Utena is no longer there, and it is left unknown as to what actually happened to her at the fateful last duel at the arena, there are merely rumors suggested by the Shadow Girls as to whether she was expelled, whether she transferred out of the school, or whether she landed in the hospital. Normal everyday life seems to have moved on from Utena, seemingly as though no one remembers who she was, and everything seems normal as though there really wasn't a revolution. However, if you look at everyone, it looks as though Utena has in fact, brought a quiet revolution for everyone.

The series relies heavily on the fact that each character has their own personal vice, a vice which traps them and personally ties them down. They cannot escape their vice because they haven't learned to let go of their past, it is their past that ties each character down. That was the purpose of the revolution, to be able to let go of that vice. However, each of the Student Council members were said that they were not able to bring the revolution themselves because they were selfish, whereas Utena wasn't. She was bringing the revolution not for personal reasons, but for Anthy's sake; she was selfless.

Getting back to the revolution, it seems as though Utena has quietly touched everyone's lives with her silent revolution. Notable changes can be seen in the last scenes of the series. A lot of broken friendships and relationships have been mended, such as Miki and Kozue, Saionji and Touga, and Shiori and Juri. Although it appears as though they have all moved on since their duelling days and forgotten Utena, they all have changed. For example, although Touga once said "Only a fool believes he has friends," Touga and Saionji are able to rebuild their friendship that they once shared as young children, Saionji sharing how he has decided to take more classes and study more to make up for the time when he was "playing." Another example is Juri and Shiori, they also appear as though they have started to give each other what they both so desperately need from each other, which is trust and friendship.

Last but not least, the most notable change would be in Anthy. At the end, Akio states that he will rebuild the Code of the Duellists from scratch, believing that the revolution never took place, but rebuilding the Code of the Duellists would involve Anthy acting out as Rose Bride once more. However, Anthy decides to leave Ohtori Academy to find Utena once again. She tells Akio that Utena just decided to get out of Akio's game. Anthy too, is getting out of Akio's game. Utena's wish for Anthy to be free and a normal girl seems to be coming true.

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