Tenjou Utena is a romanticized character, and the creators of Shoujo Kakumei Utena molded her into an highly idealized heroine, but in doing so, they also made her seem a little far-fetched and such a character would probably never occur in real life, making it seem somewhat hard to relate to Utena, however, her growing pains are very reminiscent of any teenager's as the blindfold is slowly lifted from her eyes.

Tenjou Utena was once told to never lose her noble sense, and indeed she keeps it as she develops into a young woman. She clutches onto her noble sense until she and her prince may one day meet again. Her greatest assets are also her greatest downfalls. Her innocence, blind faith and trusting soul all lead to her inevitable and tragic destiny.

Utena is a kind and very loving girl with a heart of gold. She is fiercely devoted to her friends, such as Shinohara Wakaba. Because of her strong loyalty, she feels she has to restore Wakaba's honour by challenging Kyouichi Saionji to a duel. After he engagement to Anthy, she cannot even bring herself to purposely lose to Saionji at their rematch, even though she does not want to follow the Code of the Duelists. She does not want to see Anthy being abused by Saionji.

Because of her caring nature, her striking good looks, and her bold attitude, she is quite popular among her classmates. Girls look up to her and deem her as really cool and friendly, she appears to be somewhat of an idol to her classmates. Utena can also easily whomp any boy's ass on the basketball court, since she's rather athletic. All the girls cheer for her and offer the use of their towel after the game. She was once asked to join the boys' basketball team, but Utena declined, claiming she didn't want to get covered in stinky boys' sweat. She is a girl, after all.

That may seem a bit contradictive for a girl who aspires to become a prince. Though she prefers to be the prince that saves the princess rather than playing the part of the princess, Utena manages to retain a good balance of male and female qualities as do most characters from Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Utena wears her own flashy ensemble of a boy's school jacket with red biker shorts. Her personal uniform catches the eyes of many a student and dismayed teachers as she walks down the halls of Ohtori Academy, her elite private school.

Utena can be a bit naive and innocent at times. This can make her a bit gullible, and Touga manipulates this attribute to win their duel. She often trusts those around her a little too easily, which is why it can lead to her unhappiness. The trust she bestows on others is usually betrayed in the end.

Born with a strong sense of justice, this is what drives Utena on throughout the weird duels. She wishes to see the right thing done to the right people. It's ironic that while Utena desires to help others have their happy ending, it would come at the sacrifice of her own happy ending.

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